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DeeAnn Stone

Clinical Training Specialist

DeeAnn is a registered nurse with 25 years of nursing experience in senior care. She had worked as a CNA in a long-term care setting three years prior to graduating from school in 1996. After graduation, she continued working in skilled and home health settings until 2012, when she first became a part of the assisted living world. DeeAnn is thankful that her years of working in a skilled nursing setting and in seniors’ homes has helped her realize the equal importance of clinical care and their ability to make dignified personal choices in home-like settings.

“Author Laura Hillenbrand’s quote, ‘Without dignity, identity is erased’ has a profound meaning for me when caring for our seniors,” DeeAnn explains. “The assisted living environment allows me to provide quality of care while enjoying, laughing with, and loving the seniors. When working with a team of associates that are equally passionate about the care we provide, there is a collaboration between each other and those we serve that becomes extremely rewarding.”

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