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Daniel Leaf

Senior Vice President of Operations

In addition to studying accounting and economics at San Diego State University, Daniel has over 15 years of experience managing all aspects of senior living, including stints in India and China. His strong customer service and team-building skills move the Pegasus operations initiatives forward. Starting off as Regional Vice President of Operations for Pegasus in 2019, Daniel has been responsible for multiple territories and has broadened his experience to the entire company as Senior Vice President of Operations. In previous roles, he has been Regional Director and Executive Vice President of Operations with other senior living providers.

Pegasus Senior Living | Daniel

“I have a lot of energy to share with my fellow team members,” explains Daniel. “This is a great industry that is hungry for fresh ideas, new blood, and progressive thinkers. I am in the field constantly, always learning more about what we do and how to make it better. The next 10 years interest me more than ever as I hope to bring positive, profitable, and fresh ideas to the table for families and seniors who live with us.”

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